Adam Skandarani

Adam Skandarani


Adam Skandarani CCUI is a behavior consultant with almost 9 years of professional experience. They are a Certified Control Unleashed Instructor, a USCSS judge, and a member of the IAABC, APDT, and PPG. Adam actively competes in scent work, obedience and agility with their 6-year-old Boxer, Flash Gordon, and is training their up & coming Boston Terrier puppy in the same sports.

Adam is dedicated to helping both companion and performance dogs live their best lives by providing a holistic training approach, with an emphasis on building trust and communication. Adam's experience training cats and parrots adds depth to their understanding and application of positive reinforcement-based methods.


Below you will find the online courses, seminars, mini-webinars, webinars, eBooks Adam offers through Pet Dog U.

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