Vicky Lovejoy

Vicky Lovejoy


Vicky Lovejoy has been a student of animal behavior all of her life. She grew up competing horses first in gymkhana events and later in three-day eventing, stadium jumping, and dressage. She always had companion dogs who were both household pets and working dogs at the barn. When she began competing in agility, she was able to transfer her experience and knowledge of jumping dynamics with horses to helping dogs learn to efficiently and safely navigate agility courses. As a trainer in Long Beach, CA, she became well known for her jumping grid classes and seminars and as a recognized competitor.

Vicky was in the first nosework class offered at the SPCA in Long Beach when the founders, Ron Gaunt, Amy Herot, and Jill Marie O’Brien first came up with the idea to offer a version of detection training to pet owners. As the activity developed into a sport, Vicky competed in the fledgling competitions. With the eventual formation of NACSW (National Association of Canine ScentWork), Vicky became a certified nosework instructor (CNWI) and ORT judge and certifying official. She is also certified as an AKC Scentwork judge, UKC nosework judge, and NACSW judge and CO in training.. She has multiple championships on all of her dogs in both agility and nosework and, in 2017, competed in the NACSW National Invitational with her Australian Shepherd, Kendra. Kendra has earned two titles in the Summit competitions offered through NACSW for dogs who have completed their Elite Championship. In 2023, Beryl, an Australian Koolie, competed in and earned her first Summit title as well as finishing her overall detective title. Phoenix, a 2 year old Vizsla, qualified for 2023 invitationals in NASDA in all elements, made it to semi-finals in two of those elements and finals in one!

As her interest in dog training and fitness has developed, Vicky has earned certification as a FitPaws Master Trainer (FP-MT) and is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA). She has national board certification in small animal massage and is licensed as a small animal massage practitioner (SAMP).


Below you will find the online courses, seminars, mini-webinar, webinars and eBooks Vicky offers through Pet Dog U.

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