Sue Sternberg

Sue Sternberg


Sue Sternberg has traveled the world educating professionals on dog behavior, enrichment, body language and adoptability with a focus on shelter dogs. She has been working in shelters and as a dog trainer since 1981. Her humane protocols and standards for emotional care with shelter dogs have changed the way dogs are sheltered. These protocols have been a catalyst and inspiration for all types of shelters around the world. Sue was the 2016 recipient of the APDT's Lifetime Achievement Award. She has published many books and DVDs on all aspects of dog behavior, training and assessments, available through and

Since her first exposure to nose work in 2012, Sue has become a knowledgeable and avid enthusiast of the game and sport. She has trained with many of the top nose work instructors, and incorporated her knowledge from training and observing shelter dogs to educate others on the importance of human body language and understanding the impact our movements have on our dogs in the search. Sue has placed in, and won, trials up through the highest levels.

For outdoor recreation, Sue explores the desert with her dogs looking for dinosaur bones and tracks. For indoor recreation, she can be found in front of her laptop studying videos of the minutiae of dog behavior. She loves all things Star Trek, is an avid tea drinker, and plays the fiddle, too.


Below you will find the online courses, seminars, webinars, eBooks, video reviews and private video consultation services Sue offers through Pet Dog U.

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