Floor is Lava Webinar
Floor is Lava Webinar

Floor is Lava Webinar

Floor is Lava Webinar

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  • Common Issues, Skills for All Dogs, and Dog Sports Program
  • Instructor: Kayla Dever and Samantha Winslow
  • Length: 90 minutes
  • Continual access

NOTE: This webinar was previously presented through our sister site, Scent Work University.

Does your dog struggle with slippery floor when tackling their Scent Work searches? Then this webinar is for you!

Kayla and Samantha will discuss the following in this webinar:

  • Reasons a dog may struggle with slippery floors (fear vs speed vs physical impairments) and the different implications of each

  • What NOT to do when your dog is afraid of the floor

  • Different types of tools available for increasing traction, including different kinds of boots

  • Introducing and desensitizing dogs to boots

  • Positive reinforcement training methods for helping your dog become more comfortable with slippery floors

  • How to build searching back into the picture


This webinar has been approved for 2 NACSW CEUs, 2 CPDT CEUs for trainers (not behavior consultants) and 2 KPA CEUs.


Is your dog scared, nervous or worried about slippery floors? Gain ideas from a detailed training plan designed to help your dog build confidence when it comes to tackling slippery floors.

Are you planning on trialing with your dog or are currently competing in dog sports? Learn the value of using booties, how to properly introduce them and when to use them.

Are you a professional dog trainer or instructor? It is likely you will encounter a canine client who is less than thrilled navigating slippery floors! Get some tips to incorporate in your own training program with this webinar.

Kayla Dever

Samantha Winslow

Pet Dog U is fortunate to have Kayla and Samantha grant us license to feature their courses, seminars and webinars on our online dog training platform.

All of the content in this offering is created by, owned by, and the rights to the content, are reserved to Kayla Dever and Samantha Winslow.

Webinar Replay

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- Access to all associated resources.
- May email speaker with questions.

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