AKC Virtual Home Manners Test Evaluation

AKC Virtual Home Manners Test Evaluation

AKC Virtual Home Manners Test Evaluation

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  • Canine Good Citizen Program, Best New Pups Program, and Perfect Puppies Program
  • Instructors: Ariane M. Bailey, Bonnie Henderson or Dianna L. Santos
  • Experienced Instructors and Evaluators

AKC is officially permitting dog owners to submit videos for review to earn their Virtual Home Manners titles - YAY! Our selected instructors are experienced approved Canine Good Citizen Evaluators who would be delighted to review your video submission. 

To ensure that you are your pup pass, be certain to read over the AKC Evaluator Guide, as this is what we will be using to review your video.


After you choose your instructor and make your payment, we will email you a short form to provide the URL for your trick video. The evaluator will automatically receive this form and get in touch with you within 5-business days.

When you and your pup pass the evaluation, you will receive the necessary paperwork to forward along to AKC along with Certificate of Success from us!


    Here are the instructors you may choose from to complete your trick evaluation.

    Ariane M. Bailey

    Bonnie Henderson

    Dianna L. Santos