How to Get Started in Dog Parkour Webinar
How to Get Started in Dog Parkour Webinar

How to Get Started in Dog Parkour Webinar

How to Get Started in Dog Parkour Webinar

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  • Canine Parkour
  • Instructor: Lori Timberlake
  • Length: 90-minutes
  • Continual access

Dog Parkour is the perfect activity to mentally and physically enrich your dog’s daily life and it’s also a fabulous way to build your relationship with your four-legged friend. In this webinar you will not only learn how to get started in the super fun activity, but also why it is the perfect activity for all dogs.

If you haven’t heard about the fun activity of Dog Parkour you are missing out! In this webinar we will talk about what parkour is (not just a dog on a log!), how to get started in a way to ensure you are doing it safely and properly so that you can build your dog’s confidence, add enrichment to their daily activities, stimulate them both mentally and physically and build your relationship all at the same time. You will also learn how you can make adjustments so that all dogs can play, no matter their age, breed or fitness level.

If you are a dog owner that would like to learn more about parkour, a trainer that would like to add this to your class offerings or use this activity to help with a behavior modification plan, this webinar is for you!


This webinar has been approved for 1.5 CPDT CEUs and 1.5 KPA CEUs.


Are you interested in getting started in canine parkour? This webinar is for you!

Are you a dog training instructor? Learn how you may incorporate canine parkour into your dog training program.

Lori Timberlake

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