Making the Leap: Introducing a Puppy as a Second Dog Webinar

Making the Leap: Introducing a Puppy as a Second Dog Webinar

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  • Instructor: Anita Ambani
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When you are a single dog owner adding a second dog, especially a puppy can be a daunting idea!

Adding a second dog, especially a puppy requires effort and can feel like you're on a roller coaster at times but with patience and understanding getting through this integral time in a dog's life is possible!

In this webinar, we will walk through ways to keep the peace and meet the needs of your older dog and puppy as you introduce and integrate a new puppy into your lives and household.


One of the largest leaps a dog owner who has only ever owned one dog at a time is adding a second dog to the home. In this case one plus one doesn't equal 2! While adding an older second dog brings on additional responsibilities and effort, adding a puppy requires on so much more time, effort and responsibilities that we may not remember as we revisit that period with our older dog.

Come join webinar presenter Anita Ambani on her journey adding her Miniature Poodle puppy Figment to her household of her 8 year old Bolognese Zuri and how she managed puppyhood into adolescence with 2 dogs while juggling life as it was and the new normal ensuring both Zuri and Figment adjusted to life with each other as well.


Do you have one dog and are thinking about adding a puppy? Has it been such a long time you forget about what t's like to have a puppy?

Do you worry that your older dog will be unhappy with the new addition? Do you struggle with wondering how can you juggle it all?

See how you can help prepare yourself to set yourself up for success to add a new 4-legged member of your household.

Anita Ambani

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