Instructor: Let's Brainstorm

Instructor: Let's Brainstorm

Instructor: Let's Brainstorm

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  • Instructor Mentorship Program
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Partner With a Fellow Colleague
  • Convenient, Flexible and Supportive

You've been teaching group dog training classes for a while and have built up a loyal client base. Some of your clients have been coming to you for years. You adore them and they love working with you, but unfortunately, you've run into a are starting to run out of ideas of what to do with them! Oh no!

Never fear, Dianna is here!

Partner with the Owner and Lead Instructor of Pet Dog U, Dianna L. Santos to come up with some new ideas to offer in your classes, curriculum and training programs. Identify where your clients are superstars and areas they may need some to work on. Leverage their strengths while improving upon their weaknesses. Design fun and exciting ways to keep their training fresh and engaging for dog and handler alike. Best of all, reenergize yourself with an outside perspective and ways to make any offered suggestions your own!


  • (3) 30-minute Zoom consultations with Dianna L. Santos consisting of:
    • Initial consultation and brainstorming session
    • Follow-up consultation and tweaking of suggestions
    • Final consultation with discussion on developing future exercises and offerings
  • Up to (4) video reviews of current classes and/or clients tackling exercises.
  • Write-up of exercise suggestions.
  • Email support with Dianna.

Dianna L. Santos

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