What Did Ya Say? Understanding Handler Cues Webinar

What Did Ya Say? Understanding Handler Cues Webinar

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  • Agility Program
  • Instructor: Vicky Lovejoy
  • 90 minutes
  • Continual Access

Now that we have the foundation behaviors, how do we clarify our cues to support our dog during an agility run? What role do verbal cues vs. physical cues play? How do we know what our dog is responding to while we are in motion??

This webinar will look at the role our body position plays in cueing our dog including direction of feet, hips, hands, shoulder and head in directing our dogs. We will work on removing physical cues in training scenarios in order to separate out our verbal cues and build understanding of those verbal cues in spite of erratic body cues. We will also work on finessing our physical cues to try to avoid confusion in our dogs as well as build commitment to the obstacles once given a clear cue.


We have applied for CPDT and KPA CEUS - stay tuned!


Are you interested in participating in agility? Understanding what we are communicating to our dogs is crucially important!

Are you a dog training instructor? Gain some insights and tips that you may want to incorporate into your own program and curriculum.

Vicky Lovejoy

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